Zumba Yoga!

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What do Zumba and yoga have to do with one another? That’s a great question, but this yogi went on a week-long cruise to find out!

The full story of how I got there and how the Zumba Cruise went – including video! – is on my running blog at Cape Cod Runner!


Well you know it, I came back from this craaaazy trip with some Latin influence for my yoga classes! My regular students were eager to hear how it went, but I don’t think any of us expected to have such a blast with the music and pose modifications that came from it! I was also excited to sub a couple of classes that week too, and to share the Latin love with so many others!

We incorporated elbows, hips and shoulders in sexy fun ways. I even caught my students bouncing and dancing in the between moments of down dog and child’s pose!

Of course I’m sharing the tunes with you! Enjoy the playlist!



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