Sustaining, Holidays and a Playlist

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The final week of 2015! This morning’s class was all about sustaining and enduring… finding balance and energy, even when you feel it’s running out. How will you choose to spend these last few days, and the first days of 2016?

As we move through our lives and the holidays, we are constantly juggling different responsibilities, carefully maintaining balance as we fulfill so many obligations to ourselves and others. We may engage a certain amount of endurance and wisdom to skillfully maneuver our path. At times, we may have to assume different or unexpected roles to sustain the necessary balance – to support someone or something of value in our lives. Yoga is exactly that – the skillful interaction with life… with partners, our peers and every day situations.

Whether you’ve been cooking and cleaning the days away, playing nice with the in-laws, or maintaining your own personal strength through the holiday season alone – every one of us has been managing our ability to sustain and balance. Like holding a tough yoga pose. What occurs for you in that space?




















I hope you’ll join me at one of this week’s classes above! I love New Years as much as I love mornings and Mondays – fresh, clean slates! Friday is New Years DAY and this class at The Moving Meditation in West Yarmouth will include a mindful exercise in setting new intentions!

And here’s a fun new yoga playlist for you on Spotify! It’s just over one hour long, leaving time for centering before and after in a full class length of 1:15hr or 1:30hr (best played in order if teaching). YEP! That’s Jay-Z and DJ Jazzy Jeff in the mix!…


Shout out to the amazing book by Danny Arguetty, “Nourishing the Teacher” for its continued inspiration for my own mind and class themes!


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