Gone Full Woo-Woo

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This one’s going a little WOO WOO, so brace yourselves!

I came back from my October/November yoga teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health with a couple extra “tools” in my bag… my first CRYSTAL and a collection of essential oils! I don’t know what led me to even pick these things up on my very last day there, but I’m so glad that I did.

I now own two crystals/stones – my first was a gorgeous citrine, and I recently stumbled into a handsome labradorite. Because I’m totally in love with the citrine and all the meanings it possesses, I’ve also added this beauty on its way in mail from Crow and Iris on Etsy, so I can wear one with me more closely. Who even knows what these stones really do for us, right? Is it all just in our heads? Is that actually just a fine and dandy reason on its own anyway?

Enter: Tarot cards. Yep, told ya.

In my Kripalu dorm of 22 women, and with a gift shop full of tarot and oracle cards, I somehow only experienced a “reading” in my very last 24-48 hours of training as well (what can I say? the yoga was flowing!). It was just for fun, but the cards were beautiful and I found the sentiment of the whole thing really soothing. The shuffling, the artwork, the little words of guidance… which incidentally were also SPOT ON for me that day :-) I didn’t end up buying any in the gift shop, and left with the idea brewing inside for another couple of months.

wild unknown tarot cards

Then last week I found Susannah Conway’s resource of her favorite decks of divination cards, and I found myself pretty smitten with The Wild Unknown. I don’t know… they somehow ended up in my mailbox a few days later!

Again, who knows what these cards really do for us? I happen to believe they simply spark thought and help to guide you toward the truth you’re already experiencing – whether you can see that truth already or not. There’s something really nice just in holding and shuffling through the cards.

If you’re at all interested, I recommend you check out Susannah’s list. Different artwork and meaning may resonate for you!

And then please! – share your experience below, tag me at @staceyhedman on social media, or – if you’re bashful like I am about sharing TAROT CARDS on your Instagram – send me a Snapchat at @staceyhedman! ENJOY!


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